It’s not Just a Green Tea, It’s a Herbal Tea

It’s not Just a Green Tea, It’s a Herbal Tea

What Ayurveda stands for?
The traditional Hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing which includes Yoga, natural foods, meditation, therapies, and Ayurvedic tea.
Herbal Tea
Try to Indulge in the Habit of sipping Vedic Upchar Herbal tea to rejuvenate and Healthy Lifestyle.

Herbal tea is a blend of 14 Herbs, each herb has its own health benefit and flavor quality. Herbal teas are most commonly consumed hot, but they can also be chilled and served over ice, depending on your preferences. After a deep research, our Ayurveda experts have developed this herbal combination of best quality of ayurvedic Herbs. The benefits of consuming herbal tea include relaxing the body, cooling the body temperature, easing the bad stomach, and reducing the fluid retention in the body. The best benefit of Herbal tea is you can consume it anytime day or night, it gives you a fresh feel and Energetic.
Try to adopt the habit of the best Herbal tea to live a healthy lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of Herbal Tea?

Antioxidant: It acts as an Antioxidant and Detoxes your body which gives you a clean body and removes the harmful toxin from the body.
Metabolism: It helps to improve Metabolism by making the digestion process quick and fast.
Cold and Cough: It may help you to cope up from cold & flu conditions. It also helps to strengthen the immune system.
Nourishes Skin: Regular use of herbal tea helps to detoxify the body and cleanses it from inside. This cleansing property, thus, helps in getting flawless and supple skin
Immune System: It helps to boost the immune system.
Good Sleep: People who suffer from insomnia can easily go to sleep by sipping on a hot cup of Herbal Tea a few minutes before their bedtime.
Fat Burn: Herbal tea is very helpful in burning fat and losing weight.
Enhance Stamina: Herbal tea is helpful in losing weight hence it improve in exercise and boost stamina to stay healthy.
Treating Insomnia: People who suffer from insomnia can easily go to sleep by sipping on a hot cup of Chamomile tea a few minutes before their bedtime
Fight Illness: Herbal Tea helps to fight from illness or diseases and reduce infection.
Relieving Stress: Herbal teas calm the mind and release chemicals in the brain that fight stress and depression.
These Herbs work over the Nervous System, respiratory and digestive system.It also boosts Metabolism, resulting in Healthy Weight Loss.


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